Telelookz Super Receptionist

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With Telelookz Super Receptionist, you get a personal telephone number where
your customers can call 24×7. Customer will listen to a welcome message
about your company and can press 1,2 etc. to connect to the concerned person.
The service has following *Advantages:*

– All calls will be greeted with a professionally welcome sound
– Incoming calls are forwarded to your Respective mobile/Land-line.
– Never Busy, available 24×7
– Handle Calls even after office is closed
– If your phone is busy, the next programmed number is called.
– List of all the people who call your office is accessible on website
– You never lose a business lead.
– Record conversations
– Fax on Email without machine
– Voice Mail & Conference facility
– The service can also be delivered on* Toll free number*

Super Receptionist service requires no set-up cost or hardware and there is
no hassle of maintenance. The service is being used by leading companies of
India across industries.
Should you need more information, please revert to the mail or call me.

Feel Free to contact for more details….


Support Guru

044- 6545 6545/+91 880 7575 880


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