Web Development


TELELOOKZ have skilled, experienced, expert and knowledgeable programmers use current technologies such as:

JavaScript, JQuery

for server side/client side scripting to create . Developers integrate coding into front end designs created by talented team of designers for unified, harmonious, logical, intuitive interface.
How we work:

TELELOOKZ experts discuss your requirements, understand what you expect and explain what can be achieved;Simultaneously, our market researchers study competition, current markets, potential customer expectation and behaviors and the analyzed data is considered while developing your website;
A preliminary project is prepared and submitted to you for approval and terms are agreed upon;
Our programmers begin working on your interactive web, keeping you constantly updated. We follow the agile path to development with modifications and refinements being incorporated as we go along instead of at the final stage;
The final interactive website is tested for bugs and errors on in-house server before being hosted and again after hosting with small kinks ironed out in the process. Rigorous tests for accessibility, errors and functionality are carried out on different browsers and platforms.


You receive professional, knowledgeable and thorough services.
You benefit from our qualified, trained and experienced manpower, in-house as well as on contract
We have the infrastructure, communication base, support structures.
You receive prompt and punctual services, 24×7 support before, during and after completion of the project.
We are friendly, geared to assist you prosper and grow in your business and achieve greater success in a competitive environment through your interactive websites designed and developed by us, offering best ROIs.

For more details regarding these please contact us:


Office No: +91-880 7575 880 / 044-6545 6545

Mail id: sales@telelookz.com

Visit us: http://www.telelookz.in / http://www.telelookz.com


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